"Fun with Death"
Using 30 Nevada artists, Chris Bauder curates life’s “ultimate” truth
Chris Bauder wants to keep things light. The artist, installer and occasional curator best known for his lithe latex paintwork is producing the second iteration of his collaborative exhibit, Skull. The 2011 show tapped 22 creative folks to present a broad range of work addressing this anything-but-boneheaded subject. Yet unlike the first installment, the 30 artists participating in this version have a specific theme: death. “The first time around, I just let everyone do pretty much whatever they wanted,” Bauder says. “For this, I wanted them to specifically explore what death means to them as an artist.”
The exhibit brings together a spectrum of Nevada artists from the Vegas and Reno communities (Bauder attended UNR before receiving a MFA from UNLV). They range from nationally recognized figures such as Michael Sarich and Jim Pink, to emerging artists Sue Kay Lee and Ahren Hertel. If the viewer notices similarities throughout the exhibit that may have to do with the fact that veterans Sarich and Pink instructed and mentored artists Evan Dent, Mike Ogilvie and Bauder.
When looking at Skull, the mortality of the artists themselves becomes apparent.
Since this show may be a stab at artistic immortality, it wouldn’t kill you to go and check it out. Light, deep, whimsical, no matter the varying styles in Skull, in 100 years, all of these creators will be dead … and so will you.
Danny Axlerod, Las Vegas Seven Magazine, February 2013

For images of individual artists and work please visit the
Skull Website here: www.theskullshow.com

 2013 Announcement     
 Marcos Rivera   Untitled, 2013 
 Shirt Design: Mike McCollum     
 2013, College of Southern Nevada