Molding latex paint into shapes satisfies two desires: Providing abundance and accessibility of color, and exploring the possibilities of the manipulation of form. I get there with the ritualistic process that’s an obsessive nucleus of my physical interactions with the material by dipping and dripping, pouring and peeling, stretching and stuffing.

The work is an exploration of change and gradual development through time. Curiosity about relationships between the organic and synthetic brings life to animated qualities suggesting biology and mechanics. These plastic, semi-organic forms bulge and sag to convey plush elements of surroundings that reference the human body, science fiction entities, futuristic devices and familiar objects of pleasure. I seize ideas from physical self-discovery, body augmentation, disease, tools of erotica, medical experimentation, science fiction, Religion, life expectancies and the ideas of ephemera.

Visual and tactile stimulation through color and form, the movement of patterns and similarities in objects, allow the viewer to recognize specifics within my hybrid style of painting and sculpture while simultaneously allowing the mind to wander. Interaction to the work has predominately been visual. I’ve opened up the future of my process to allow work to become more physically interactive with the guest. Ideas of “play” have recently intrigued me. Allowing or denying physical interaction has been slowly penetrating the work. I am now relying on the viewer to become more involved with the works desire for touch and too hold.

Afternoon Delight IAfternoon Delight I 2007, Latex Paint / Pillow Stuffing